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  2. ATTENTION! This site may contain materials of an erotic nature, namely, photographs, pictures, videos, texts, etc. Which are intended for persons over 18 years old (over 21 years old in countries where it is prescribed by the law of that state). And also, visiting this site you can see content that may be offensive to you, not worthy or controversial. In this case, the site does not bear any responsibility for the content that is published by users of this site and especially by advertisers. All responsibility lies solely with users who publish this content.
  3. The site contains advertisements for girls and various massage and sex salons that advertise their services including sex services.
  4. The site itself is an advertising platform for various ads, including ads of an intimate nature.
  5. The administration does not post, does not edit, not any information on the site, including the profiles of girls.
  6. Information on the site is voluntarily posted by advertisers (registered users) independently, without prior verification and moderation by the administrator. The site administration does not bear any responsibility for the posted information on this resource.
  7. When using this resource, you agree that it is forbidden to indicate in profiles, comments, advertisements and chats, information that may lead to the identification and identification of any person. For example, it can be a surname, first name, middle name, address, phone number, passport data or any other information that is not indicated in the profiles or ads of the site. In the case of harm to any person, in connection with the publication and indication of these data on the site, this site is not responsible for this, and the responsibility lies with the one who posted this data.
  8. Only users who are 18 years of age or older are allowed to post information on the site.


  1. Registration and creation of profiles for persons under 18 years of age.
  2. Placement of extremist materials, as well as information that calls for violent actions, for example, propaganda of violence, drugs, weapons and any other illegal actions.
  3. Posting photos, videos or any other materials with minors or which calls for such action.
  4. Create fake accounts.
  5. Indicate on the site the addresses and names of foreign sites, firms, companies or organizations, as well as their phone numbers, addresses and any other contacts.
  6. Indicate on the site the addresses and names of foreign sites, Use of other people's photos and video materials, for example, photographs from magazines, websites and any other sources that do not correspond to reality. Companies, companies or organizations, as well as their phone numbers, addresses and any other contacts.
  7. Using pornographic photos.
  8. Photos with genitals.
  9. Full or partial image of sexual intercourse.
  10. Photo with traces of sexual intercourse.
  11. Various objects inserted into the genitals and other intimate places.


The user has the right to register only one account “advertiser" or "customer”An attempt to re-register an account will be stopped by the site administration, if the user manages to somehow register several accounts on the site, they will be deleted in the very near future, and the user who created them will be permanently deleted from the site. If the site user violates one of these rules, then his account will not be slowly blocked, and all information on the site ever posted by this user will not be slowly deleted. Advertisers who repeatedly violate these rules will will be deleted, and all funds remaining on the account will be canceled !!! Advertisers registered on this site and not having any active profiles will be deleted 2 weeks after passive actions! All available funds on the account of the advertiser at the time of deletion will be canceled! !!

Funds credited to the advertiser's account can only be used for paid services and the publication of profiles on this site!

In order to avoid fraudulent activities, funds from the advertiser's account are not withdrawn anywhere! The site administration reserves the right to delete any material that it did not like, without giving a reason, the site administration reserves the right to make changes to these site rules, which will be reported to each site user in an e-mail.

If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, then do not leave this site slowly.


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